Electrical Contractor Michigan

Electrical Contractor Michigan
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Residential and Commercial Projects

Sexton Electric, Inc. offers only the very best in electrical work and we bring the know how to get each job done safely and efficiently. We specialize in new construction, remodeling, and additions for both residential and commercial properties. Our dedication is to our client's project – delivering superior quality on time and on budget.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Projects

Electrical Contractor Michigan

Independently owned and operated company serving customers throughout Michigan since 1989.

Our many satisfied customers throughout Michigan include homeowners with projects ranging from small wiring challenges to highly involved remodeling projects. Our commercial customers include builders focused on new home construction, and contractors responsible for shopping strip malls,  small offices, warehouses, restaurants and other construction jobs.

Electric Work at a Competitive Price
At Sexton Electric, we offer unparalleled expertise and know-how, so you can trust us to get the job done right the first time around. We offer personalized services by working one-on-one with you to meet your electrical needs. We also provide knowledgeable insight with the utmost respect because we want your repeat business.

Reputation of Integrity and Quality
Why have customers been coming to us since 1989? Because they can count on us. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation of integrity and quality. Times and technology continue to change, but our focus on honest service hasn’t. That’s why repeat customers make up a substantial part of our business. As word of Sexton Electric's quality and dependability have spread, the scope of our operations has widened from southeast Michigan to the entire state of Michigan. The confidence that the job will be done right brings our customers back. We deliver quality work, on time, on budget—every time.

Lakeside Home Services Addison Michigan
Lakeside Home Services Addison Michigan
Lakeside Home Services Addison Michigan

Reliable, Fully Insured and Licensed.
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Phone: (517) 605-9791
Email: info@SextonElectric.com
Lakeside Home Services Addison Michigan

Michigan Electrical Contractor

Lakeside Home Services Addison Michigan


Lakeside Home Services Addison Michigan

Sexton Electric - Electrical Contractor Michigan
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